Let’s Make a Plan to Help Them Grow

There are a lot of advantages to getting an early start to understanding the kind of path your child will need to take for a healthy bite and perfect smile. Dr. Bodine and the American Association of Orthodontists recommend a child has their first orthodontic exam when they are about seven years old due to crucial dental and facial development at this age. By scheduling this appointment, we can assess your child’s unique smile and bite before bigger problems arise. At Bodine Orthodontics, we do not charge for semi-annual visits due to the criticalness of planning ahead and the importance of monitoring your child’s development.

What to Expect

At their first appointment, Dr. Bodine will evaluate your child’s facial pattern to look for proper balance, symmetry and growth. He’ll count the number of teeth, take appropriate x-rays and make sure that you know where, when and how to go about helping your child have a great smile. You can feel confident with Dr. Bodine as your child’s orthodontist. With extensive training during his 30 month residency, he completed his dental degree in growth and development and dentofacial orthopedics.

We establish a certain level of comfort around check-ups and orthodontist visits even before any orthodontic treatment is necessary. It’s important to us that your kids have a great time when they come see us, look forward to their orthodontic appointments, and are proud to show off their smiles. We also want you, as their parent, to feel comfortable with their future smile in our hands. It’s never too early to make an appointment. Get in touch today to get started!

At Bodine Orthodontics, we’re with you from the first orthodontic checkup to the day they’re showing off their confidence new smile. Request your child’s free initial exam below.


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Actual Patient

Actual Patient