Let’s make a plan to help them grow.

Your kids are unique. You know that, and naturally, you want them to be treated that way. That’s exactly what we do at Bodine Orthodontics. We treat each patient as a unique individual. That’s because we believe that understanding your child’s personality and unique stage of development is going to help us choose the best treatment for them. There are any number of options that could be right for your kids, from a few braces to straighten up that snaggle tooth or make extra room for incoming adult teeth, to an expander or AdvanSync to obtain the proper alignment for jaw growth, or just sitting back and observing your child’s development to see when the right time to start full orthodontics will be. Like you, we just want to do what’s best for them. And we’d love to get started now.

At Bodine Orthodontics we here from the first orthodontic checkup for families in the Prosper, Celina, Aubrey, Frisco and McKinney area.