Did you know: 20% of people with braces are older than 21?

When it comes to speed and efficiency in straightening your teeth, traditional braces are usually the most effective solution. Today, with new innovations and technology, traditional braces can straighten teeth with less discomfort, decreased frequency of appointments and shortened treatment times. Other technological advances have made orthodontics as an adult much more appealing. Cosmetic brackets and wires work similarly to traditional braces, but are clear or tooth colored in order to be less noticeable. There are also lingual braces, which are mounted on the back of the teeth instead of the front. Adult braces have come a long way in the recent years and Dr. Bodine understands that as an adult seeking orthodontic care, you want the best result in the most efficient treatment possible.

Of course, the only way to really know if adult braces are going to be right for you is to come sit down and talk with Dr. Bodine about your treatment goals.