Finishing your orthodontic treatment feels rewarding and liberating. You have spent time working with Dr. Bodine to perfect a personalized orthodontic treatment plan and took care of your teeth during the months or years of treatment. You’ll be ready to show off your straight smile as soon as your treatment ends. But you may be wondering what happens when braces come off?

Here’s 7 things to expect when your orthodontic braces are removed:

1. Your teeth with be tender. Avoid too hot (or cold) or overly crunchy (or chewy) food for a couple of weeks because your teeth and gums will be sensitive at first.
2. You may have calluses on the inside of your lips where the once sensitive skin protected itself from the metal brackets. But don’t worry, these will eventually go away.
3. Brushing and flossing is so much easier! You no longer have to fish around the wires and scrub around the brackets to clean your teeth properly.
4. Your teeth will feel slippery at first. It may take a couple days to get used to not having metal brackets glued to your teeth.
5. You will meet with Dr. Bodine for a follow-up appointment to make sure your retainer fits properly and is keeping your teeth aligned.
6. You will learn the importance of wearing a retainer. Dr. Bodine will explain the how important it is to wear your retainer (and how often) to make sure all your hard work doesn’t go to waste- if you don’t, your teeth will shift back.
7. You will love your smile! And you’ll probably catch yourself smiling more than normal.

Getting braces is such a rewarding experience especially when you get to see the results after Dr. Bodine removes them. If you have any questions, give us a call or stop by one of our offices in Prosper or Frisco.