As an orthodontist in the Frisco and Prosper areas, we hear this one question the most from our patients, “How long will I have to wear braces?” According to a survey from the American Dental Association, the average length of orthodontic treatment is 22 months. However, depending on the type of problem a patient has, treatment could range from 12 months to 36 months or more. There is no one quick and definitive answer because just like how your braces are carefully customized just for you, the time it takes to correct any irregularities and align your teeth is also unique to your treatment with many different factors to take into account.

Types of Treatment

At Bodine Orthodontics, we offer many different treatment options for your or your child. Some treatments may require less time while others require more. The length of time is dependent on how extensive the orthodontic treatment is. We craft individualized plans and will always outline our expectations on how long you or your child’s treatment will last. All of these treatments have their own advantages and may have different timetables.


Kids want to get back to chewing gum and eating popcorn at the movies and adults, well, want to do the same. Typically, the treatment time for children is less than adults because children are still growing and they have their primary teeth. Preventative measures can be taken with phase I treatment (a preliminary examination to correct bite or a misaligned jaw), allowing for an easier and faster treatment when they are teenagers. Adult treatments can take more time because teeth are permanent and more difficult to move.

How well you work with your braces

With treatments that give you freedom to remove your braces to eat or brush, like Invisalign, it is up to you to make sure you follow the requirements for wearing the aligners during the day. If you only wear them for half the day (instead of the mandatory 20 – 22 hours a day) and continue that through your entire treatment, you could wear them for approximately double the time.

Give us a call today and we will be happy to outline a treatment for you or your child and help alleviate any worries about how long your specific treatment will last. It’s never too late to pursue a healthy and confident smile, so why wait!