Dear Tooth Fairy,
Why are your rates so high?
-Inquiring Parents


We hear you, the tooth fairy’s prices are going up and it’s time to make sure all the adult teeth replacing the baby teeth are coming in straight.

You may be wondering, “How early is early enough to catch and correct my child’s smile before crooked teeth or poor bite alignment becomes a problem?” While each child is different, the recommended age to get the first check-up is seven years old, according to Dr. Bodine and the American Association of Orthodontics.

At the age of seven, your child’s smile is starting to really take form. Baby (primary) teeth are falling out and the new adult (permanent) teeth are coming in to replace them. This is the perfect age to take the first step to map out any necessary early orthodontic treatments. Your child does not need a smile full of permanent teeth for Dr. Bodine to discover any potential problems your child may have down the road.  The earlier the issues are discovered, the earlier your child can begin their phase I orthodontic treatment. It’s much easier to correct teeth alignment and bite issues in growing children because treatment is typically shorter and the extraction of adult teeth can usually be avoided.

Phase I braces can start before all permanent teeth have erupted (usually ages 6 – 10) which includes expansion, partial braces or an active retainer. These are the benefits of early intervention:

  •  Correct crowding or spacing issues
  • Align crooked teeth
  • Correct underbites, overbites and crossbites
  • Guide permanent teeth to proper alignment
  • Enable productive jaw bone growth
  • Improve appearance

After the initial appointment, Dr. Bodine will go over any future recommendations for your child to achieve a healthy and happy smile, and if necessary, the perfect age for braces. An earlier orthodontic intervention could save your child from adult treatments in the future, which are typically more painful and take longer to achieve the dreamy results.

At Bodine orthodontics, we do not charge for semi-annual visits because we understand how important it is to monitor your child’s development and treat any issues before they become bigger problems.

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