With so many options to transform your smile as an adult, why wait?

So, you’re ready to start your journey to a stunning smile. You dream about having that healthy, confident smile you see in magazines and you finally decided to do something for yourself and get adult braces. Getting braces as an adult is not uncommon. In fact, did you know that 20% of people with braces are older than 21? Thanks to the many advances in technology, adult orthodontics is becoming more and more popular. The benefits of braces are also far beyond cosmetic and can vastly improve your oral health. Crooked teeth can cause major problems down the road like gum disease and tooth decay if you cannot properly brush or floss them. Braces will also correct types of incorrect bites like overbite, underbite and crossbite. These incorrect bites can cause jaw pain and uneven wear on teeth.

We know life is busy with work and play with little time left over to straighten your pearly whites, but we have options that will work with your schedule.

  • Traditional braces- These are the most common type of braces and are more comfortable today than ever before. These are usually the most effective solution and use metal brackets and wires to move your teeth into alignment over time.
  • Cosmetic brackets- Similar to traditional braces, cosmetic brackets are a bit more discreet because the brackets and wires are clear or tooth-colored.
  • Lingual braces- These are virtually invisible when you smile because the brackets are mounted on the back of your teeth instead of the front.
  • Invisalign– This “clear” option is a series of custom-made clear aligners (trays made of smooth plastic) that gradually and precisely align your teeth. They are also removable, allowing you to comfortably eat, drink and properly floss and brush your teeth.

A beautiful, straight and healthy smile builds confidence, and with so many options to transform your smile as an adult, why wait? Dr. Bodine is an orthodontist for adults, teens, children and everyone in between. Regardless of your age, we’re ready to give you and your teeth a customized treatment to make your smile dreams come true.

Ready to get adult braces and smile without holding back? Come and see us in our Prosper or Frisco orthodontics office or give us a call at (972) 347-1700 to set up an appointment today.